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#1 Recommended Voltage Converters

LiteFuze™ is a leader in supplying specialty equipment for transforming power voltage. We specialize in the new revolutionary convertingbox™ voltage transformer, voltage converters, voltage regulators, travel voltage adapters and universal plug adapters.

As the world advances towards new technologies that addresses consumer expectations, LiteFuze’s™ innovative ideas strive to deliver products that exceed consumer expectations. Distinct from all power voltage converter manufacturers, we use dynamic technology and environmentally conscience minds to achieve our customer’s requirements. We have created efficient, user-friendly, noise friendly and half-weight voltage transformers. All of the materials and components used to manufacture and assemble our products are procured from approved suppliers and exceed the exacting standards of the industry.

LiteFuze provides an exceptional customer service to its clients as we stand behind all of our products. Our goal is to keep our customers for a long term base and we ensure complete satisfaction.