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FAQ binaire opties abn amro Efficiency factor is determined on the size of the transformer used and the core material. It is calculated based on how long a transformer is able to handle continuous max load. For instance LT-1000 will be able to handle 667W continuously but it can still handle max load of up to 1000W for few mins without overheating and breaking the circuit. We calculate the efficiency factors by testing the transformers on their max capacity.

gta v online snel geld verdienen binaire optie nederland Nothing, these are essentially different terms to describe a same product. However, manufacturer’s often refer to small “solid state” travel converters as voltage converters. These small travel converters do not have an actual transformer coil to convert the voltage but rather an electronic circuit which creates a distorted voltage conversion that is only compatible for use with resistive appliances such as hair dryer, iron etc.. (item that only have heating element and do not have any sort of electronic circuits or chipset). On the other hand, voltage transformers have an actual copper coil inside for precise voltage conversion. Voltage transformers are heavier and bigger in size depending on their power capacity. Voltage transformers are compatible with all types of electronics and appliances. bdswiss seriös ervaring met binaire opties Not all items require a voltage transformer when being used around the world. First, check the voltage requirement of the item; if it is 100-240V (volt), then it means it is dual voltage and therefore a voltage transformer is not needed to use this particular item around the globe. However, you may still need a correct adapter plug to connect this item to the country’s outlets. Now, if the product is 110V or 120V only, then it means it is designed for use In North America and in order to use these items overseas in 220/240V countries, you would need a step down voltage transformer/converter. On the contrary, if the product is 220V or 240V only, then it means it is designed to operate in Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia and to use these items in North America or 110V countries, you would need a step up voltage transformer/converter. afm vergunning binaire opties

binäre optionen ebook This depends on what you are planning on using with a voltage transformer/converter. First, check the power rating of your product, this is specified by WATT or the letter W. It is usually stated somewhere on the product near the its specs. If you do not find W or WATT then you’ll find AMP or A rating along with VOLT or V. Power (W) can easily be calculated by multiplying AMP times VOLT. rollover options binaires W = A x V gft uk binary options Now, that you know the power requirement of your product, decide which series of the LiteFuze voltage converters you’d like and multiply the efficiency factory of the series with the watt and select voltage transformer of at least that size or larger. Efficiency factors are constant numbers and they are 1.5 for the VT series, 2.0 for the LR series and 1.25 for the convertingbox series. View our Comparison Chart for more info. opções binárias free binary options que es For example: opções binarias funciona mesmo If your product requires 350W then, you’d multiply 350 times the efficiency factors of the LiteFuze voltage transformers. estrategias opciones binarias david vidal 350 x 1.5 (efficiency factor of the VT series) = 525 W (VT-750 recommended) binary options for singapore 350 x 2 (efficiency factor of the LR series) = 700W (LR-1000 recommended) 350 x 1.25 (efficiency factor of the convertingbox series) = 437.5W (convertingbox 500 recommended) blazing seven penny slots online play

copy trader binary options This will cause the fuse in the transformer to blow due to the overload. If the transformer is equipped with a circuit breaker then the breaker will trip. In this case disconnect your item from the transformer and replace the fuse or press the circuit breaker button to reset the transformer. Use a larger transformer with higher capacity for your item. Contact the dealer if you need help selecting the right transformer.

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automatisch handelen in binaire opties Travel voltage converters are not designed for continuous use as oppose to the larger transformer which can be used continuously. Travel voltage converters also have very small capacity and usually range from 30W to 200W max. The 1600W or 1875W travel voltage converter is not an actual voltage transformer, it is designed specifically for heat producing (purely resistive) items only such a hair dryer, irons, heating pads, etc.. Do NOT use 1600W or 1875W setting of a travel voltage converter with electronic items or any items with electronic circuitry or chipset.

simulador opciones binarias gratis binary options trading does it work A voltage regulator stabilizes the output voltage and provides more accurate 110/120V or 220/240V to your product. Voltage regulators are useful in countries with unstable voltage supply. Too high voltage or too low voltage can damage your electronics. So, voltage regulator will output the stable voltage that your electronics are designed to operate on.

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opções binárias é legalizado No, American 220V appliances are designed to operate on two phase 220V, LiteFuze voltage converters are designed to convert to single phase 220V used for European or overseas appliances.

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best binary option signals service Due to the superior magnetic properties of the convertingbox technology, our transformers will be susceptible to high magnetizing current when initially started, only limited by the low DC resistance of the primary winding. Depending on where you are in the AC cycle when the transformer is energized dictates the chances of overloading the supply circuit. This is why the transformer may sometimes energize without a problem and other times it will blow the fuse or trip the circuit breaker. The duration of this overload is rarely longer than a half of a cycle. Therefore, you should consider using a slow-blow fuse, time delayed circuit breaker or other form of soft start circuitry for the supply line when using our high efficient convertingbox transformers.

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