10000W Step Up/Step Down Power Transformer W/ Universal Output Fuse Protection 10000W Step Up/Step Down Power Transformer W/ Universal Output Fuse Protection
10000W Step Up/Step Down Power Transformer W/ Universal Output Fuse Protection $499.00
LiteFuze LT-10000 Voltage Transformer The LiteFuze LT-10000 is a heavy duty voltage transformer designed for continuous use. With up to 10000 watt capacity, this unit functions as both step up (110/120-volt to 220/230/240-volt) and step down (converts European 220/230/240-volt to American 110/120-volt) voltage transformer. It will not convert American 220V to American 110V. Made from high resistance copper coil, the international voltage converter is durable and reliable. Multiple output sockets enable use of multiple items at one time and the dynamic casing design offers ventilation to the 10000 watt voltage converter.This LiteFuze LT 10000 cannot be plugged in,it has tobe hard wired by an electrician. Key Features: Up to 10000 Watt continuous use capacity Step Up/Down Functionality: *Efficiency Factor: 1.5 6 Output Sockets 4 for 220-240V products 2 for 110-120V products US Patented Universal Output Socket Shucko Socket - Grounds German/French plugs Smart circuitry and high resistance copper coil ensures durability Dynamic casing design offers ventilation to the transformer Fully Grounded Transformer from Input to Output for safe operation CE Certified It will not Work with American 220 (Dual Phase, Not designed for US 220V) Circuit Breaker Protection - No need to replace fuses on overload! Needs to be Hardwired by an Electrician Weight: 36lbs Unit Dimensions: 10" x 13" x 6.75" *Efficiency FactorUse this factor to calculate the correct wattage transformer needed for your items. Multiply the WATT rating on your product with this factor and purchase transformer of at least that size. Example: If your blender requires 350W, then multiply 350 x 1.5 (efficiency factor of LiteFuze LT) = 525W. Thus, LiteFuze LT-750 is recommended for this particular blender. To use multiple products, simply add watt rating of each product and multiply the combined watt rating with the efficiency factor. Always purchase a larger size transformer than your appliances required wattage to handle any power surges during operation. Feel free to contact or call us if you have any questions. Read our voltage converter guide or  tips and hints when using voltage converters. ConvertingboxTM technology - Uses Toroidal Transformer for efficiency, noise free operation and more compact voltage converter that's about half the size and less weight when compared to the traditional transformers. Fuse Protection - Protects your electronics and the transformer from power or voltage overload. The fuse will cut off the power to the transformer during overload and you can easly replace the fuse to reset the transformer. LiteFuze transformers are designed with safety in mind and are CE certified and include industry leading 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Heavy Duty Step Up/Down Operation - Convert 110/117/120V AC to 220/230/240V AC OR 220/230/240V AC to 110/117/120V AC. Set the input voltage switch in the back based on the country's voltage and connect your appliance to the appropriate outlet in the front. Note that these transformers only convert the voltage and the output Hz (frequency) remains the same as the input. Litetime Copper Coil - Each transformer is wound with premium coil and wire to ensure a reliable and efficient performance over long period of time. These transformers aren't designed to operate on US 220V and aren't compatible with US 220V appliances, you can use them to power US electronics abroad in a 220V country or use 220V electronics in N. America on 120V. Select a proper size voltage transformer by checking the max power rating in W or WATT on your electronics and then purchase a transformer at least 1.25x that size to account for any surges or spikes during operation. Specifications: Weight: 36lbs Unit Dimensions: (L x D x H) 10" x 13" x 6.75" Box Dimensions: (L x D x H) 13" x 16" x 9.5" EASY INPUT SELECTION SET BOTH SWITCHES TO 220V IN THE BACK (WHEN USING IN 220-240V countries) - Step Down Voltage Transformer- Converts foreign voltages for safe operation of your US personal appliances and electronics while abroad in 220/240V countries SET BOTH SWITCHES TO 115V IN THE BACK (WHEN USING IN 110-120V countries)  - Step Up Voltage Transformer - Converts US voltage for safe operation of your foregin personal appliances and electronics while in 110/120V countries ON/OFF SWITCH WITH LED INDICATOR This switch will let you conveniently turn off the transformer when not in use.US PATENTED UNIVERSAL SOCKET This will accept virtually any grounded or ungrounded plugs from around the world. No, need for messy plug adapters to plug your appliances or electronics in to this transformer. Refer to the image below to see the different plug types it accepts.EUROPEAN SHUCKO SOCKETEuropean countries such as Germany and France use Shucko plugs.The shucko socket on the LT-10000 will accept Grounded or Ungrounded shucko and European/Asian/African plugs. This enables you to safely ground your products with grounded shucko cord without any need of purchasing hard to find plug adapters or changing the plug type on the cord.MULTIPLE SOCKETS The LT-10000 is equipped with two 220V sockets and one 110V socket. This allows you to use multiple items at once. When connecting multiple items please make sure that the combine wattage for both items is less than the maximum capacity of the transformer.CIRCUIT BREAKER PROTECTION The LT-10000 is equipped with a circuit breaker for safe operation. The circuit breaker will cut off the power to the voltage converter if its overloaded.

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