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Manufacturer of cutting-edge power products, LiteFuze is recognised for its sustainable equipment which are crafted with respect to the stipulation stated under the CE and ROHS regulations. The company's perseverance and sizeable investment in research and development demonstrates its unwavering commitment to innovation. LiteFuze is setting new benchmarks in the power conversion industry by bringing in innovative technologies and consistently enhancing its current methods.

LiteFuze offers voltage transformers that are mindfully produced with state-of-the-art technology adhering to the prerequisites and guidelines. The company consistently strives to deliver the market's most reliable and efficient voltage transformers, incorporating the key takeaways such as reduced weight, minimal noise, and optimal performance.

We strive to create and deliver the most genuine and influential voltage transformers out there. All our endeavors focus on catering to specific requirements of our esteemed customers. By employing cutting-edge technology, our voltage transformers undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance. Regardless of whether you require a voltage transformer for commercial, industrial, or residential purposes, we possess the expertise and know-how to provide the comprehensive solution for your needs.

Litefuze's ConvertingBox™ represents a groundbreaking voltage converter, meticulously designed with the consumers' needs in mind. Unlike standard converters, it boasts an impressive 50% reduction in weight, making it exceptionally lightweight and portable. Equipped with smart sockets and circuit breakers, it ensures convenience and safeguards the users. The revolutionary ConvertingBox™ technology plays a vital role in eliminating noise and vibrations typically emanated by converters. Not only does this contribute to a quieter operation, but it also enables the development of Transformer that are portable. Furthermore, the ConvertingBox™ technology improves efficiency, achieving an impressive 1.25 efficiency factor, which significantly enhances the transformer's power utilization. Thanks to its advanced features and user-friendly design, Litefuze's ConvertingBox™ emerges as an outstanding option for customers.

If you're seeking a way to power your electrical appliances from different regions or use American electronics in places with varying AC voltage inputs, look no further. The LiteFuze voltage transformer is the one-stop solution for all your power conversion requirements. With LiteFuze, converting AC 110V to 220V, 230V, or 240V, and vice versa becomes effortless, making it a must-have for travelers and technology enthusiasts. 

Don't settle for less! Choose LiteFuze and effortlessly power up your devices wherever you go.

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At our company, we take pride in delivering exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is readily available to address any queries and ensure utmost satisfaction.

See how we outshine the rest:

Efficiency: Our transformers are engineered for maximum efficiency, resulting in minimal energy loss and significant cost savings on electricity bills.

Durability: Our transformers are built to endure tough conditions due to their robust construction and advanced features, ensuring long-lasting durability.



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