1500W Step Up/Step Down Power Transformer W/ Converting Box Technology - Blue 1500W Step Up/Step Down Power Transformer W/ Converting Box Technology - Blue
1500W Step Up/Step Down Power Transformer W/ Converting Box Technology - Blue $95.00
LiteFuze convertingbox® 1500 Voltage Transformer Key features: Premium voltage transformer with smart features and a lightweight design. Boasts an impressive efficiency factor of 1.25, allowing you to connect more devices No need to adjust voltage switches. It automatically detects and adapts to the input voltage. the weight of the transformer by up to 50%, making it more portable and interference-free for other electronic devices. Dual circuit breakers prevent overload, while a detachable power cord, smart sockets, and a CE certification ensure safety and ease of use. Description: The LiteFuze converting box 1500 is a premium quality light weight voltage converter/transformer. It features smart sockets, circuit breaker protection, auto input voltage selection, detachable power cord, converting box noise reduction and half weight technology. The LiteFuze converting box 1500 also comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Greater Efficiency The LiteFuze converting box is even more efficient with low efficiency factor of 1.25 in comparison to other voltage transformers that have efficiency factor of as high as 3.0. With the low efficiency factory of 1.25 you can now connect more items to the converting box 1500 when compared to other 1500W transformers. Auto-Input Voltage Selection As simple as plug and play - simply connect the converting box to either 110-120V outlet or 220-240V outlet overseas and it will automatically detect the input voltage. You do not need to remember to set any voltage switches in the back. Aluminium Outer-Casing Reduces the weight of the converting box and will not interfere with other electronics with magnetic devices as opposed to other transformers. Half Weight converting box technology reduces a standard voltage transformer's weight by up to 50%. Thus, LiteFuze converting box is more convenient to carry around and easier to store. Noise Reduction converting box technology reduces the noise level and vibrations close to none. Enjoy noise free step up or step down voltage conversion with the new converting box. Circuit Breaker Protection Dual circuit breakers for each voltage will precisely stop power to the converting box on overload and keeps itself and your items safe from any damage. Reset the breakers in the back by press of a simple button. You'll never need to replace fuses on overload. Detachable Power Cord The converting box is even more adaptable for use anywhere in the world with the detachable cord. Smart Sockets The smart sockets offer cleaner look and make the converting box even more user-friendly. All sockets in the front of the transformer will provide Step Down or Step Up conversion depending on the input voltage.  *Efficiency Factor Use this factor to calculate the correct wattage transformer needed for your items. Multiply the WATT rating on your product with this factor and purchase transformer of at least that size. Example: If your blender requires 350W, then multiply 350 x 1.25 (efficiency factor of converting box) = 437.5W. Thus, converting box 500 is recommended for this particular blender. To use multiple products, simply add watt rating of each product and multiply the combined watt rating with the efficiency factor. Always purchase a larger transformer than your appliances required wattage to handle any power surges during operation. Feel free to contact or call us if you have any questions. Read our voltage converter guide or tips and hints when using voltage converters. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE UK, Continental Europe, Australia add to cart and enter postal code Canada add to cart and enter postal code US A Free.
1500W Step Up/Step Down Power Transformer Voltage Regulator W/ Detachable Cord
1500W Step Up/Step Down Power Transformer Voltage Regulator W/ Detachable Cord $89.99
Litefuze LR-1500 Heavy Duty 1500 Watt Voltage Regulator/Converter Key features: Up to 1500-watt capacity with Step Up/Down functionality. Features 2x Universal output sockets and 1x USA socket. With automated voltage regulation for a stabilized output. Features fuse protection that protects your appliances during power overload. Features an output voltage meter that displays the output voltage from the transformer. Description: LiteFuze LR-1500 heavy-duty 1500-watt voltage transformer with a regulator and with step-up/down functionality. This transformer provides the flexibility to step up and down the voltage based on your needs across different voltage systems with ease. Equipped with 1x USA socket and 2x Universal output sockets that can accept plugs from almost any country except South Africa. Our transformer features automated voltage regulation, ensuring a stable and consistent output. LiteFuze LR-1500 features fuse protection to safeguard your appliances in the event of a power overload, your sensitive electronic equipment and appliances are protected from voltage spikes, making them last longer and perform optimally. Our transformer is equipped with an output voltage meter. This display allows you to monitor the output voltage in real time.

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