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8000W Step Up/Step Down Power Transformer Voltage Regulator W/ Detachable Cord
8000W Step Up/Step Down Power Transformer Voltage Regulator W/ Detachable Cord $289.00 $449.99
Litefuze LR-8000 Heavy Duty 8000 Watt Voltage Regulator/Converter Key features: Up to 8000-watt capacity with Step Up/Down functionality. Features 2x Universal output sockets and 3x USA output sockets. With automated voltage regulation for a stabilized output. Features fuse protection that protects your appliances during power overload. Features an output voltage meter that displays the output voltage from the transformer. Description: LiteFuze LR-8000 heavy-duty 8000-watt voltage transformer with a regulator and with step-up/down functionality. This transformer provides the flexibility to step up and down the voltage based on your needs across different voltage systems with ease. Equipped with 3x USA output sockets and 2x Universal output sockets that can accept plugs from almost any country except South Africa. Our transformer features automated voltage regulation, ensuring a stable and consistent output. LiteFuze LR-8000 features fuse protection to safeguard your appliances in the event of a power overload, your sensitive electronic equipment and appliances are protected from voltage spikes, making them last longer and perform optimally. Our transformer is equipped with an output voltage meter. This display allows you to monitor the output voltage in real time.

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