The wattage range for electronic equipment is listed below . Remember that the actual wattage can change depending on the type, brand, and usage circumstances.

Electronic Equipment / Region Asia and Other Continents
Juicer 200-1000W
Vacuum cleaner 500-1500W
Computer 100-800 watts (depending on the type and usage)
TV 30-500 watts (depending on size and technology)
Speakers 10-100 watts (per speaker)
Hair straightening machine 50-200 watts
Blower 500-1500 watts
Mobile Around 5-20 watts
Laptop 20-200 watts (depending on usage and model)
Coffee Machine 800-1500 watts
Electric kettles 800-1500 watts
Gaming consoles 50-300 watts (depending on the model)
Grinders 200-1000 watts
Drills machine 500-1500 watts
Grinder machine 200-1000 watts
Welding equipment 1000-5000 watts (depending on type and usage)
Commercial Kitchen Devices Varies widely, from a few hundred watts to several thousand watts
Networking equipment Generally low, around 5-50 watts
Imaging Machine Can vary significantly, from a few hundred watts to several thousand watts, depending on the type of imaging machine (e.g., X-ray, MRI)
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